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Being Essentially Necessary Efficiently Found In Time Clearly Having Opted Over Something Else Steps Toward Rewarding Incentives Voraciously Energized Going Onward Never Enduring Being of Endurance And Resilience Kindness Instigates Learned Love Positive Energy And…

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SIT DOWN be humbLe

Can you put yourself in someone else’s life for even a second before running yo mouth? Cause you decide how someone else should think and/or perceive life to be? Who made you so full of self-righteous pompous-ass egoticity? I’m probably smarter than you intellectually speaking but I can learn from you a whole different wayContinue reading “SIT DOWN be humbLe”

Not sorry Daddy

I’m not sorry Daddy, you’re being hurtful!You are miserable and lying to yourself thinking anyone cares about you like your kids or other than your family!And we love you anyway but still you lie and burn bridges you may never be able to fully rectify. I aint ashamed, you should be proud pops.I’m amazing againstContinue reading “Not sorry Daddy”

Chutes and Ladders

5 and a half years in a relationship with a serial cheater and pathological liar to say the least. A poem of sorts to explain the cycle of abuse I experienced throughout.

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