Choose happiness

Because why not? The crazy reality is that we do have the choice. It took me over 30 years experiencing life tormented by anxiety and insomnia that I believed I had little to no control over until finally I learned that I have complete control over my thoughts. Even crazier – this epiphany came from […]

dime a dozen

Oh, I’m sorry, let’s start over. I don’t mean to be insensitive but I mean c’mon what’d you expect. Right, you thought you were something special and he was going to leave me – after all these years and him bragging about our son and me to all your coworkers – and you were going […]

SIT DOWN be humbLe

Can you put yourself in someone else’s life for even a second before running yo mouth? Cause you decide how someone else should think and/or perceive life to be? Who made you so full of self-righteous pompous-ass egoticity? I’m probably smarter than you intellectually speaking but I can learn from you a whole different way […]

Not a hypocrite don’t be ignant.

I might wake up and decide I don’t like Biden as president because I heard another negative thing about how old and ineffective he is and by lunch I may remember the the president has no real power and is a puppet withe the .01 percenters hand up his behind making his mouth move whenever […]


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