Minding my business.

I live happily under a rock on purpose and I haven’t been able to miss the overturning of Roe v Wade, try as I might to avoid the propaganda and deliberate dividing of our nation done by our government and media and news outlets. I’m no conspiracy nut I just know that the actual powers that be we don’t actually see and we’re like an old school Sims game to them. They are that ever-ambiguous “they” pulling the strings of society and sitting back to see how we handle this or that, the red pill or the blue?

Usually, even when things erk me about what “they” are doing, I keep it to myself and let it go because more often than not there is not a darn thing I can do about their choices and most don’t directly affect me anyway. Roe v Wade being overturned doesn’t effect me; I’m anti-abortion as a personal choice but pro-choice on a grander scale because it is not my business or within my purview to decide what is right or best for other people. And THAT is why I am so bothered by this decision handed down by the supreme court. Now I get it, like Black Lives Matter and the whole melodrama over Covid-19, Roe v Wade overturned is another way of dividing our nation and to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. However, this one actually seriously can fuck with a woman’s life and then a child’s life and well being in the long run. It is a short sighted decision in my opinion. We already don’t have enough resources for the women who want to get pregnant and cannot afford it here in my state and we aren’t a Bible state like some I’ve been hearing about. One of such states is said to have the highest infant mortality rates AND highest low income pregnancies nationwide! And this state is also going back to the olden days and reaffirming their antiquated anti-abortion laws!

Here’s the reality of what the old farts on the supreme court don’t seem to be able to see the big picture of: allowing these states to shut down abortion clinics without already having the resources in place for all these soon-to-be-born unwanted babies is going to make for more neglect and abuse of children. Plain and simple – I do believe that 50% of those who would have had abortions will turn out to be grateful for having there babies no matter the hardships this creates and they may be great loving parents but the other 50% that will either leave their babies at firestations where that is allowed or be forced to keep them and resent and neglect them is an awful lot of eventual adults likely to be criminals and even if not children with miserable childhoods.

And last thing and I’ll have said my piece. The people who advocate and picket abortion clinics: GOD SAYS DO NOT JUDGE SO STOP JUDGING IN HIS NAME and MIND YOUR BUSINESS!! You have every right to your feelings as does that poor woman already broken over the choice she is making -because while not for all majority of women having abortions aren’t thrilled about it- and you don’t know why or what her circumstances are and are just an asshole for making your opinion stigmatize and create an even worse situation out of the worst situation! Go back and reread your bibles and be like Jesus as God wants and keep your side of the street clean and if you’ve got nothing nice to say keep it to your damn self!

Okay be easy people and love one another today anyway!

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