Rhyme Writin’

To the tune of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s opening theme song:

Right here I’ma tell you
a little about
How I turned a bad ordeal
into a better outcome

So just for a minute
please gimme your ear
And I’ll expand on this topic
that later in life became so clear

… . . .. . . …. . . … … . . … . . . …………..
IN Bonney Lake Washington
from 3 years old I was raised
On the soccer fields and schoolyard
I spent the majority of my days
Readin’ and writin’ and feedin’ my brain
Often runnin’ soccer drills
so my skills I did train
Along the way I became a target for the mean girls…
I don’t know.
But those evil little envious ones labeled me a hoe!
My parents said I had to stick it out
and in time I would see it was no big deal…
So I used my intelligence, started college at 16,
gave dueces to the highschool drama
like “yeah, it’s been real.”
….. …. … … … . .. . …. … …. …. …. … . .. … .. …. . … .. . . .. . . .
I got my driver’s license my first time through I did pass
And my daddy bought me an old Ford Tempo
to get me to and from class
I still played soccer for my highschool’s varsity team
But spent my school days on my college campus
I was living the dream!
… … . .. . .. .. … .. .. .. … . . . . . .. . ..
I ended up getting my diploma from my college rather than highschool
To bypass the extra requirements to graduate
added after 12 years we’d already grueled!!
And I would never wish harm on anyone
but find it quite funny:
The meanest mean girl failed to graduate
and because of her cruelty
I had a headstart to my college degree!!!

<<Maybe a little bit of irony to be seen ๐Ÿ˜‰ >>

Thank you archive.org

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