don’t repeat what you don’t know

Facts:The Corona Virus has been around since they identified the “first” strain in the 70s.

There have been both MRSA and SARS strains far deadlier and more brutal than Covid and the government never made a pandemic over them.

The flu still kills more every year than Covid (the unbloated numbers where they say every death counts as Covid like the CDC website used to explain but seems to have decided to propagandize themselves even nowadays) has and we’ve actually precipitated the issue by hiding and sanitizing and lowering out immune systems.

Vaccines aren’t bad people we get them when we’re kids and we give them to our kids at some point they were all new and experimental and that is part of science and research and the healthcare system.

Fake news and propaganda are here to tear apart our nation our world and pin us against one another. Black lives matter was a tool to further the divide. Covid separated us completely.

We do not vote for our president electoral votes do we vote for our representatives (I hope our votes actually do) so focus at home and stop letting them make us fight over who their puppet of choice will be.

They are the .01 percenters who run Google and the like and thus everything you see read and hear because they want us to be sheep and zombies and hate ourselves so we look to them for comfort and they pacify us.

Spread love, kill hate.

Don’t repeat what you don’t know. Do your research OFF THE INTERNET because I can make a website and sell you anything I want in less than an hour as NEWS.

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