SIT DOWN be humbLe

Can you put yourself in someone else’s life for even a second before running yo mouth?

Cause you decide how someone else should think and/or perceive life to be?

Who made you so full of self-righteous pompous-ass egoticity?

I’m probably smarter than you intellectually speaking but I can learn from you a whole different way of envisioning.

Because WE ALL walk different paths, choose different turns for different reasons and learn differently and at our own personal pace as God intended when he made us all unique – just like everybody else (that is actually what that quote is meant to mean not as an insult to your uniqueness as people seem to like to use it which baffles me or at least that is how I see it).

SO, what makes you need to be right. I’m wrong even when I’m correct all the damn time!

Think on it and accept that your opinion matters just as much and/or as little as mine.

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