I write so that I keep my mind from getting lost.
I think therefore I am and I write so I know that I am.
Therapy through sharing my thoughts.
Scribing my life to remind myself it really happened.

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don’t repeat what you don’t know

Facts:The Corona Virus has been around since they identified the “first” strain in the 70s. There have been both MRSA and SARS strains far deadlier and more brutal than Covid and the government never made a pandemic over them. The flu still kills more every year than Covid (the unbloated numbers where they say every […]

SIT DOWN be humbLe

Can you put yourself in someone else’s life for even a second before running yo mouth? Cause you decide how someone else should think and/or perceive life to be? Who made you so full of self-righteous pompous-ass egoticity? I’m probably smarter than you intellectually speaking but I can learn from you a whole different way […]

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